207 N Elm Street
Henderson, KY 42420

Last week the Henderson Chamber of Commerce held a Community Conversations with Bill Sandell with the Kentucky Career Center.  Bill detailed many of the employer assistance or tax credit programs offered by Kentucky.

Click here to see the full presentation.

Recorded meeting: https://transcripts.gotomeeting.com/#/s/14ac000268507f18aafe429e1ab3643b2229d43eb784c9341a4911ad6a3d5ddf

Additional resources and direct links:


  1. Focus Suite (KY-based job board)
  2. Registration step-by-step
  3. Dislocated Workers through WARN (open excel sheet on the page)

Hiring Incentives:

  1. Work Opportunity Tax Credit: Employer’s Guide
  2. WOTC: Qualifying Target Groups
  3. WOTC Video
  4. Kentucky Unemployment Tax Credit, does not expire and can be applied to current staff
  5. Federal Bonding Fact Sheet
  6. Sample Bond

Professional Development and Soft Skills:

  1. WIN Career Readiness System
  2. Kentucky Career Readiness & Essential Skills – Job Seeker
  3. Kentucky Career Readiness & Essential Skills – Employer
  4. WIN Soft Skills Curriculum
  5. WIN Soft Skills White Paper

Registered Apprenticeships:

  1. Kentucky Registered Apprenticeship
  2. All Available Occupations – US DOL

Training Funding:

  2. Work Ready Scholarship, individuals apply for in-demand industries
  3. Bluegrass State Skills Corp (Training Grant-in-Aid & Investment Credit)